Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Born to Rewild opening

Born to Rewild, the film

In 2013, wilderness ultratrekker John Davis traveled 5,000 human-powered miles from Sonora, Mexico to British Columbia through the Western Wildway, a mega wildlife corridor along the western spine of North America, during an epic conservation journey called TrekWest.

Award-winning adventure cinematographer Ed George filmed John’s story of ground-truthing wildlife corridors and the concepts of his mentors—while weaving together the citizen and science-based groups on the front lines of reconnecting and protecting wildlife corridors and animals on the move.

With the rough cut of the hour-long film weeks from completion, Ed shares a look at the opening with music riffs from Raillery (Flagstaff, Arizona duo John Tveten and Tom O’Hara) and Kenyon Fields.

What it is to be Born to Rewild:


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