Thursday, April 21, 2016

Blog for Wild Nature's changes

Beloved readers and fellow bloggers,

Blog for Wild Nature is an important blog for people who respect wildness and for those who want to learn more about evolutionary biology, conservation and anything that relates to wild nature. After only a short operation of two active months and four less active ones, BFWN has reached 50 unique visitors each day. We at BFWN are quite impressed and not less thankful for your interest in BFWN.

And because the number of articles, unique visitors, incoming inquiries submissions are growing we have to keep up with the visitors new demands -- a more dynamic website. Even though we enjoyed blogging using we have to say goodbye to our loyal friend and welcome our younger one --


BFWN has not only switched to a new domain, we changed our design as well. The new design gives us more potential options for the future and it has a more professional look we would otherwise not be able to have using

Become actively involved

Now that we made the transition, we are also happy to announce that we are -- finally -- accepting new editors who are willing to write original content for BFWN on the subject of wild nature, conservation and evolutionary biology. Are you willing to become more closely involved with BFWN? E-mail us at

For submissions you can e-mail us at

A word of thanks

As last but not least we want to thank, for without them BFWN would not even have started. A special thanks to our beloved readers and rebloggers for without  them BFWN would not have grown to the size it has now.

Don't forget to subscribe to the new website and see you soon!

Live wild or die,
Jeremy Grolman


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